Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The lower city...

After an exceedingly long wait, I'm finally back to explain what happened when I went into the lower city to retrieve my belongings.

The kind and charitable Jedi-Master-to-be, Mr. A-Dawg, generously offered to escort me down into the lower city to retrieve my missing suitcase. I am forever in his debt, as now that I have seen the place, I see why Master Yoda suggested that I keep away from it.

It seems that the city authorities are nearly absent there, and it’s positively filthy as well! I simply don’t understand how sentient creatures can willingly live that way.

When we arrived at the bar in questions, my attire garnered us many odd looks. I suppose I should have listened to Mr. A-Dawg, when he suggested that my senatorial garb wasn’t exactly appropriate for lower-city travel.

So he lent me his black Jedi robe, which made everyone back off very quickly.

I went to the fresher to check that it was straight, and let me tell you all… never go into a fresher in the lower city.

To say that it was filthy would be a vast understatement.

Also, there was a man in there. A man! A man in a shiny purple suit, and a huge hat with a feather in it, no less… He seemed to be looking for someone named ‘Kiki’, and suggested to me that they were playing ‘hide-and-seek’. At first, he seemed fascinated by my appearance, and started to ask the strangest questions, like what my ‘measurements’ were.

Then he noticed that I was wearing Mr. A-Dawg’s robe, and stepped back a few paces. “Oh,” he stammered nervously, wringing his metallic hands, “you’re one of Skywalker’s girls? I’ll just go, now…” And then he ran off.

To Be Continued…